Being from the Midwest I have experience almost every barbecue experience possible concerning every type of meat or vegetable. But one that is most exciting is barbecued seafood. One, in particular, is barbecue shrimp. What some people might not know is that barbecue is relatively easy and has a short cooking time. You can serve it with rice or salad or a combination of both.


Like other barbecue methods, marinating the shrimp is essential for injecting flavor into the shrimp. For this reason, different regions in the U.S and internationally have developed their own marinades and rubs to reflect the spices that they use in their cuisine culturally. For example, you might find that New Orleans based recipes might use Cajun spices in their marinades and rubs to create a Cajun barbecue shrimp recipe. Marinades are oil based blends of spices and herbs that are applied to meats, fish or poultry before the food is cooked or barbecued.

Barbecue shrimp is prepared in the Midwest pretty much the way it is prepared in the southern coastal regions in Chicago mainly because we have a lot of people with southern origins who migrated from the south in the early 1940’s and 1950’s.First, we de-vein the shrimp and prepare a marinade mixture of lime, garlic, white pepper and sea salt. We almost use cayenne pepper but that is mostly a personal preference.

We marinate the shrimp for about 24 hours or longer.(the longer the marinade time, the better the taste).Once they have had time to marinade we oil the grill and in about 2-3 minutes per side, you have the best-tasting barbecue shrimp in Chicago.

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